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Plogging Kenya COVID-19 Support

The spread of COVID-19 comes with a tragic outlook for vulnerable communities around the globe. Kenya’s rural communities and informal urban settlements have been affected since they are not equipped to deal with the pandemic. The statics are alarming and are on the constant rise every single day. This is the reason why Plogging Kenya decided to join forces with interested parties to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

60% of the population in Nairobi live in informal settlements and slums. Many informal settlements are very dense (with families often sharing a single room). Residents rely on daily earnings. They often have highly inadequate access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and other vital services. Several of the GoK’s COVID-19 guidelines are extremely difficult for residents in these areas to observe. This poses a danger to all, especially as residents of informal settlements often work throughout the city (e.g. matatu conductors, domestic workers, street vendors) with implications for the virus’ spread.

It is critical that they are given support to stay healthy given the challenges of practicing basic measures to protect themselves against COVID-19 such as hand washing, physical distancing and having proper information on the disease and how they need to prepare and protect themselves for the outbreak.

On 7th April, 2020 Plogging Kenya sponsored by SILAFRICA and in the spirit of partnership reached out to Crime Si Poa, Setpess Events, SHOFCO and the Local Administration in the creation of awareness on COVID-19, donation and distribution of liquid hand washing soap and sanitizers to the residents of Embakasi East Constituency. We won’t stop supporting them when they need us more than ever. But we need your help.


  • Hand sanitizers and Sanitary products
  • Hand Washing Soap and Hand Washing Points
  • Nose/Face Masks and Gloves
  • Food Items like Cereals especially the old, woman, children and people living with disabilities and not forgetting the street families
  • Clean drinking water and water storage facilities
  • Waste management services

Plogging Kenya is looking for individuals and organizations that are willing to support the initiative so that we can reach more people and communities that need our help during this period for any little help will go a long way. Support us support our vulnerable communities through your donations of any kind.

Support us support our vulnerable communities

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